The Update of our Lives!

Here is the 411 of our lives as of last weekend .... it's been super super busy.. the above photos  I will explain from top to bottom......
. That is Sarah,, she  is  a Greta friend of mine.. I've known here since Freshman year in high school.. probably my only friend besides Kristins Olson that I still keep in touch with from  high school.. so that was not this last weekend but the one before.. we attended 4 graduation partys and 1 house warming party.. It was definitely a busy weekend!! 
. Last Friday I surprised my friend Nico that I worked with at Chili's back in the day for his B-day.. Jef and I went out to Ontario at Benihannas!  It was a fun reunion with the Chili's crew! ... I look Kinda silly in this photo!
. Oh ya Jeff is selling his Dunnies on Ebay! take a loooky!!
. Yesterday was Memorial Day! Jeff & I decided to take a bike ride! A LONG bike ride! It was really fun.... we rode to get some lunch then we rode to the block and saw the movie " What Happens In Vegas" It was good! Shopped a bit.... Then off to Anaheim for a BBQ at the in-laws! I think it was about 5 Miles or so.. We were wiped out and we got our cardio in for the day! 
. Last but not least.... This amazing thing happened to me yesterday... I gained about 5 pounds in FREE make-up!  Good make-up too! as you all know I do hair and Make-up for wedding so I have a ton of make-up.... but you can never have enough! This lady in My In-laws ward use to make make-up for this company called Rich girl.. It's still in progress. But since she was in the industry she received So much free samples!! She had boxes & boxes & bags, & bags for days! I don't even think we dented it! I came home and went through the bag for like 2 hours!!!  I loved all the MAC lipsticks!!! 



This is Kristina... she is pregnant & I couldn't be happier for her! Doesn't she look SO cute pregos!??? Kristina & I have been friends since freshman year in high school.. we have been through so much together, and I wouldn't change that at all.. we have such a great bond that will last forever! So MANY memories.. ha ha! It makes me laugh to even think about some of them... She is living in Georgia for the time being with her hubby Marcel.. but will move home in August to deliver her precious baby BOY COHEN! How cute is that name.. right!?  I am SO happy for her & Marcel. I love you Krissy... you and I will always be friends.. I guess this is  a bit of a tribute to you.. &  a Thank You for being my EME HOT GIRL! I love & appreciate our friendship SO much.... I hope we will be able to visit each other more often as well!!! Sorry I stole this photo from your blog!!  OH & the above picture is in Utah at her reception!!!


I night out with our friends!!!

Last Friday night  Our friends Candice and Troy came into town for Mothers day.... they live in Arizona!  We decided to go out to dinner to catch up. We haven't seen them since Jeff and I got married, we stayed with them when we had our Utah reception. We met up at Cheesecake Factory at Victoria Gardens with Sharla & Mossi. Sharla, Candice & I all met when we were 14 at stake dances... we had our share of meeting the BOYS and fooling around. These are friends I will definitely have and remember FOREVER! It was SO FUN to be together  again.. it's been so long since we've all hung out! What a fun night  it was.. I haven't laughed  so hard in so long.... Candice & I are something else when we get together... don't we all have  friends  that just makes you laugh so hard every time you see them!? Ya thats Candice! We have so many silly memories &  we laugh every time we talk about them! I miss having Candice around.. Hopefully her & Troy will move to CALIFORNIA real soon! 


She Wants Revenge!!!

The other night.... on I think Thursday.. I got to  see the band She Wants Revenge at The House Of Blues Anaheim with one of my most favorite  friends EVER...... KRISTINA STEVES!! It was so much fun to play with her... We hardly see each other anymore. But when we do... We have SO much fun together.  She was actually there with me the night I met Jeff!!!  I love her. She makes me laugh So hard! It's  a funny story how we met.. I just moved to Brea, had no friends, went to Institute to make friends.... low and  behold.. Kristina came up to me and was like "You're cute... we should be friends."  I was so caught off guard.. I've never had a chick hit on me like that to be my friend! It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me at that point in my life... Kristina has been  a HUGE blessing in my life.. her friendship & happiness means the world to me! Thank you friend for being my friend!!! ha ha!!! 


Check out my new Blog!

Hello everyone! I decided to create a new blog for myself to show all of my work as a hair and make-up artist! nicoledeanne.blogspot.com Basically it will be showing weddings I have done, to my work as a hair dresser. I think it will be fun! I kinda got the idea from a my friend Melissa beautifulbeforeandafter.blogspot.com Thanks girl! But as I am in the process of making my own web site I need something that will hold my clients over! I hope you all enjoy my work! 

*Sorry I don't know how to make the link to my new blog! I'm not computer savvy at all!


Our trip to Utah!

So it was a crazy week we had! Tuesday night I flew up to Utah for my Cousin Kristins Wedding... I was one of her bridesmaids, It was Fantastic.....I got to do her hair and make-up, it was so much fun to see all of my Brady side of a family, I miss them! Jeff Drove up Wednesday Night with my Little Brother Michael.... Ummm they didn't get in till 7AM Thursday morning...... FYI the wedding was at 11:00 Thursday morning! They had NO sleep.. and of coarse I didn't either.. being worried sick about them.... so we were both dead that day! Luckily it was an eventful day to keep our eyes open! Jason ( Kristins NOW Hubby) & Kris were married in the Salt lake temple... it was a beautiful sealing and a beautiful day.. IT SNOWED!!!! and it was cold!  We had a good time attending the SLC temple.. it was my first time to go inside... and it is absolutely amazing. I would love to go back someday to do a session! Kristin & Jason are so in love and cute with each other...... oh did I mention that 37 couples got married that day!? YEP! So the reception was later that night and it was really fun..... visiting and bonding with the Brady's ........ We don't see them very often, in fact it was Jeff's 2nd time meeting that side of the family... it was hard for him to keep track of who is who!!! Anyways.. it was a really good time.. we enjoyed CAFE RIO..... and lovely Utah!!! Also Jeff put his "photography skills" to good use.... (it's the photo of the temple and flowers) well enjoy our photos!!! 

p.s. Did I mention that I LOVE MY HUSBAND MAN!!!!