Group date!

So! last night We went on an amazing group date! First to Lucille's BBQ! YUM! than Bowling at Cal state Fullerton! Take a look! The group consisted of Jeff & Nicole, Heather & Ryan W., Sam & Janessa, Erin, & Rachel! We had Fun! 


Rock Climbing extravaganza!

So.... Last Night was amazing! we went Indoor rock climbing with kenny and Jill! it was quite the FHE!  take a look! I think were all hooked! Jill's booty (sorry jilly) I had too! Jeffrey holding up kenny & kenny holding up Jeffrey. I love to pose. Myself in action! & the tunnel with Jill... I think that was the best part of the night!


Tunes anyone!?

California Coast!

For out 1 year anniversary Jeff and I decided to take a trip up the coast last week! It was incredible... places In California I never thought could be more beautiful! We enjoyed ourselves so much. we started out going to Santa Barbara first! I think this was our favorite place! we stayed in the most quaint Inn called The Inn at the Spanish Gardens! I suggest you all to stay there one day! Amazing! We than ended in the good old Morro Bay! We stayed at this kinda ghetto Motel, let's just say "every room a work of art" oh but we did have the chance to eat at the GAFC (Great American Fish Company!) Yum! Than it got to the real fun part... the true coast, from Morro Bay to Monterey... Not sure if you've taken that drive but after a bit you're ready to not see the beach anymore! It was Beautiful though... on your left it's the Ocean, and on your right it's big huge mountains, and red wood trees. we got to visit Hearst Castle, and Jeff's favorite part, the Elephant Seals! We ended up at the Glorious San Francisco! I love it up there! It feels like your in a completely different State/ Country, with all the diversity, and parts of the town! It was fun! I think our Favorite part was eating at The Stinking Rose... a Garlic restaurant! They say... "We season our Garlic with Food!" & also SHOPPING! They have the most amazing shopping selection In Union Square! Our last day we drove back to Santa Barbara and stayed at A Bed & Breakfast! It was our first time staying at a Bed & breakfast, it was so different than what were use to but we had a great time anyways! Over all it was A GREAT vacation! Very relaxing, and spontaneous ... we left and had no idea what to expect.... I think that was the best part, that & being able to spend the entire time with my Jeffery's!



for some reason these didn't attach!


One YEAR anniversary! Wowzer!

Does time fly! this year has been absolutely amazing! I married the man of my dreams that I'm so so so head over heals in love with! He's the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me and I'm so grateful to have him all to myself for eternity! He is a good good man... always telling me how much he loves me.. always making me smile, and always believing in me! I'm so thankful that Jeffery Eugene Thompson is my Husband!
here are a couple of shots of while we were dating! our wedding day and some recent ones!!! Enjoy!