Bitter Sweet experience!

I know I haven't posted in a long long time. I thought it would be appropriate to start now & share that my Dad passed away Yesterday morning. He died in so much peace with all of his siblings, parents, wife, children & loved ones around him with literally a SMILE on his face. He has been struggling for the pst 9 months with ASL ( As many of you know!) It is a horrible disease that is super painful. He was in a lot of pain, so when my sibling came out to tell us that he was gone, I felt this huge load off my shoulders, knowing that he was released from the pain he has been in. Looking at his body lay there so peacefully was such a sense of release & happiness & I knew he was in a BETTER place. He was such a humble, strong brave man to endure such a horrible disease, he was hardly ever negative and never complained, he bore his testimony to us just weeks before and was doing missionary work up until the day he died. The last thing he ate was the bread & water from the sacrament and minutes after receiving a blessing of release, he was released & left his body. I was able to spend the morning with him holding his hand, rubbing his chest & taking him in as much as I can, and I am so thankful I was there to experience this. I wouldn't have changed his passing any other way. He will always be in my heart & I will always remember what a funny, strong, handsome man he was. He is my hero! I love you Dad!

June 17, 1956- July 19th 2009