Jeff & I went to St. George this last weekend to visit my Dad! It was SO good to see him & to visit with him & his wife Kristy! 
It has been SO hard being away from him.. & seeing him really helped me understand his situation and learn to be OK with it. It gives me a sense of peace to see him smile... ( Isn't he handsome!?) He looks SO much like my little brother Jordan. 
It was REALLY nice to spend more time with his wife Kristy... They have been married for a long time now.. but I haven't had the opportunity to REALLY sit down & talk with her.. I gained a better understand of who she is.. & I am really happy I did. It was a successful trip all around. We drove the 26 mile road of the St. George Marathon that Jeff will be running in October. (He has been a runner lately.... & I am Super excited for him!)  We visited the beautiful Pine Valley, ate at some yummy restaurants, bought Great harvest bread & Creamies ( My favorite!)
We also got to see my Grandma & Grandpa Brady, & my Uncle Brian & Aunt Sinette!
I am looking forward to going back up  there in the next few weeks!
Good times.