ok ok ok ok....

Alright Already.. I'll make a post! too bad we have had sum what of boring lives.. nothing too exciting going on! Just melting from this disgusting heat! Our apartment was built in the 1940's and the A/C selection.. well there is none.... other than wall units purchased at home depot!
It's night & day from the room with A/C  and the hall way with NO A/C! hopefully it will cool down soon!

Right now in our lives we are having so much fun trying to figure out our lives.. I'm in the process of quitting my job and finding my own Studio Salon! I'm REALLY excited about it but it will be a lot of work... I'm totally willing to take on the challenge & to struggle for a bit till I get things going! I can't wait.. It will be a Salon/ Bridal Studio. Where I will be doing all of my Brides, as well as my Coloring & cutting clients! I can't wait.. I have everything planned except for the location.. So if anyone has anything in mind, please contribute ideas, or locations!
and come get your hair done by me! Check out my BRIDAL BLOG TOO!!!!!

Jeff is just working at In-n-Out and working out! He loves his blackberry phone and playing brick breaker! He's actually doing that right now as we speak! 

The photos above are from a double date we went on with Jeff's friend Scott and this girl named Sarah DeAnne.. (we have the same middle name.... just thought I would add that in!) we went to the AMAZING Royal Thai.. and I LOVED the Sticky Rice with Mangos! Oh my gosh.. definitely a FO ( Food Orgasm) ha! ha!  and afterwards to Balboa Island to ride the ferris wheel! It was very exciting..... and of coarse there is my other Boyfriend Hudson... eating his very favorite Lightning McQueen race car cookie!  


well well well.....

The life of being So popular! Well not really, It makes you a bit poor after a while! Goodness gracious this week was SO busy. We seriously went out to dinner for some sort of occasion every night this week, except Wednesday!

Monday: Jeff parents Anniversary! Congrats Andrea & Gary, we are SO proud of you guys. You two have raised such an amazing family and an amazing son! I love you two! We ate at King's Fish house!

Tuesday:Jeff's Best Friends Birthday! Go SCOTTY! you can check out photos on Scott's blog . he's 25! We ate Cheesecake factory!

Wednesday: I made dinner.... yummie! Jenn Bartlet came over for a hair cut & I helped her plan her wedding while Jeff went to play basketball with Scott & My brother Michael!

Thursday: Jeff's sister Heather's Birthday! She is 27 I believe! And she is So beautiful! I gave her an amazing huge make-up case.. I was a bit jealous! We went to Fred's in HB! The chips and salsa are SO good there!

Friday: My friend from high school, named Sarah. Her boyfriend through a surprise birthday dinner at French 75 in Laguna beach. It was really fun and  such a GREAT restaurant! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!

Saturday: We went to dinner at Outback steak house with three other couples from our ward. Skyler & Elise Wallace, Dave & Chelsea Booth, and Carrie & (my mind is going blank on his name.. sorry!) It's TODD..... (Thanks Elise!) Lundell! Anyways, it was So much fun to get together with couples from church that are fun and interesting! We had a great time! And today was my brother Kenny's Birthday too!

Sunday: We went down to the beach after i had to work (shame on me) and after Jeff came home form church ( what a GRAET guy) We cruised down to CDM again for another fun relaxing day at the Beach for my brother Kenny's Birthday celebration! We arrived a few hours before they all showed up because we had to leave early and we wanted to enjoy the time we had there & not to rush! It was so beautiful. I LOVE the beach! We left early to go over to Jeff's Parents house for a the Laker game( too bad the lost!) and for Heather's Birthday cake and gifts!

After all it was a fun filled week, I think I'm still full after all that eating out. It was a GREAT time!!!!!


You caught us!

FA FA FA FA FA FA FA!.... This weekend was So much F f F f F FUN!  Let's start with ......

Thursday... Catalyn (England) & Tony (Scotland) are leaving for their missions and so my mom threw a Bon Voyage party! It was such an amazing moment when I realized all they have been through to get in that position.. from being at an orphanage for 9 years, abandoned by their family, raising themselves. Coming to the states to live a completely different life. Joining the church and now going off on a mission to serve the Lord! I'm SO proud of them! 

Friday.... we went out to Glendora for my Cousin Stanley's Graduation.. He Graduated from law school from Penn State! Congrats Stan! For the after party..  Kenny, Jill, Jeff, HUD, Amelia, & I cruised out to Harbor house for some good tasting desserts! Photos above.... &  for the After After party we rolled over to the Detroit Lounge to see DATA ROCK DJ!  All of our pseudos came out! We danced out HEARTS out!  Jill was THE BEST!  We had a great time! 

Saturday.. I had a wedding in effing Simi Valley... (that's So far away!) It was great though! I came home to my loving Husband who cleaned the house spotless! There is nothing better than having a LONG day at work dealing with picky Brides & to come home to a clean house! It was wonderful.... but it doesn't stop here.. He planned a date for us! We went down to Costa Mesa to my Favorite Restaurant ( as of Saturday date night) Called MANPUKU! If you haven't heard of it please try it! It will change your life forever! We also went shopping around at my new favorite store too.. AMERICAN RAG! So great! Than to a movie... we saw a chick flick.... Made Of Honor! Cute! Oh and Cold stone for dessert: banana ice cream with caramel, brownies, and pecans.. YUM!!  It was  A perfect date, for a perfect night, with a perfect guy! I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

Sunday.... The usual church. We are now released from our calling of primary teachers so we had the privilege to enjoy Relief society and priesthood for the first time in forever! I sat next to Elise & we both loved it to have a friend in class! We also planned ahead to have a Family picnic at the beach! Corona Del Mar! What a LOVELY day to just relax on the sand and eat yummy treats for the afternoon! Hudson pulled his pants off and looked So adorable.. Jill & I couldn't resist and she took some pretty cool photos! The night ended with some Haircuts of Hudson, Kenny & The Hubby JEFFREY!

 SIGH...... so there you have it.. our fun filled eventful weekend! Now enjoy the week!
.... and yes I left my hair in that side braid ALL weekend long!! I know... gross!