The Burger!!!
The Family!
The Friends!
These are our Friends Sarah & Louie! they also work at In-n-out! Sarah & I went to high school together!!!
The Husband!
The Horse Shoe wound! 
You can check out the blood & guts on his moms Blog.... HERE!
The other Husband!
The handsome Husband!

The Sarah & Nicole!
The Girls!
The Eats!

Yesterday Jeff had his annual IN-N-OUT PICNIC for his company! (he works at in-n-out BTW) haha! He's in their accounting department, and since he works in the corporate offices with BOTH of his sisters and his brother works in the stores, it was a big family In- n-Out picnic day! We ate SOOOOOO much food! & the best part about that food is that it was FREEEEEE! Imagine that... all the FREE In-N-Out burgers your little heart desires.. I only had one! ( Not to mention the fruit, corn on the cob, hot dog, and ice cream I also ate!) We were a little fatty all day! It was our sin of gluttony!!! We had so much fun! It was at Wild Rivers! Nothing beats free food and free admission to a water park. Even though Jeff & I didn't attend the park.. we still had fun. We rode on rides and Jeff got injured with a Horse Shoe! Yes a HORSE SHOE! A couple weeks ago at our Family Reunion Jeff picked up on the amazing sport of Horse Shoes.. Just as we were about to leave Jeff & his Brother Trevor decided to play.. and so be it.. the Horse Shoe ate a chunk out of his shin! He instantly started bleeding .... we rushed him over to the paramedic car...(They were NO good, they didn't even have tweezers) But they did give us the advice that he should probably have a tetanus.... so thats what we did today! All in all.. we had a great time!!!! I think were IN-N-OUT burgered OUT!!! 


Introducing the NICOLE DEANNE studio/salon!

So this is it! My very own salon! I am SO happy and proud of myself! Thanks to everyone that helped make this work, I couldn't have done it without my Dad, brother Mike, Justin, My father- in-law Gary,  TREVOR!!! and my wonderful Husband Jeffery! We all worked very hard, painting walls, lifting up the carpet and staining the concrete floors, installing lighting, sink, and shelfs. It is a project well worth! I am so excited to finally work in my own space, and to be my own boss! I'm not going to lie, it is a bit scary, but I think the positive definitely weighs out the negative. I have already had a hand full of clients , & I am looking forward to many  many more. Please come visit me! I am trying to put together a GRAND OPENING... we"ll see how that will work out, but I'll for sure invite everyone!  I think it's cute! 

Other than the salon... things have been great! We finally buckled down and purchased Disneyland passes yesterday.. we are So excited to get those back into our lives again! Jeff starts school soon so we will be trying to get as much fun filled  events in our lives before life gets even more busy! The salon has pretty much been taking up most of my time, trying to organize everything, and having 4 weddings this last weekend, along with my clients. I can't wait to get this going! Oh and sorry for the lack of posting... I have a good excuse!