HI Friends!

Read from the bottom first. 
But here are some fun pictures for now.
It was my 24th B-day and we went to BJ's to celebrate!
It was super fun & a lot of our friends came to play!
Thanks everyone for celebrating with me.

This is Scott.. One of Jeff's BFF!

Ryan, Ashley, Scott, Trev, Amy & Cindel!
Ryan, Cindel, Mossi & Sharla!
Hilary, Kristina, & Taryn
Heather, Jenn, & Me!
Me & Sharla, She is almost due... YAYYY! 
Chelsey & Dave!
YAYY! I'm 24!
* Also Jenn, Jarrett, Kenny & Jill came but I didn't get the chance to take photos of them!
The actual night of my B-day we went to this Amazing place called Marrakesh!
They have belly dancers & great food,
I highly recommend!
Trev, Fonz, Amy & Heather!
p.s. Its herbal Tea.... not anything naughty!

The love of my life.. Isn't he handsome!!!?
I am SO proud of Jeff, He has been running SO much Lately.. He is training for a Marathon in May & another in October.
He is SO crazy busy with Running, work & school. I am SO looking forward to school to be over forever!!!
It was also Jeff's 26th B-day on Easter.. I am SO sad I didn't take any photos, but we had a lot of fun, we went to the beach the day before,  ate at this amazing place called Manpuku, Also a great recommendation. We went down to San Diego to see this band he likes called COLD... 
(not so much of a good recommendation :/ )  Don't tell him I said that hahah!
ALSO I went up to Utah to visit my Dad again. But this time was special.......
ALL 7 siblings were there! I think the last time ALL of us were together was at mine & Jeff's wedding. about 2 years ago
Even my little brother got to  come from his mission 
(He's serving in the Provo, Utah mission! He's in the white shirt.)
From left to right:
Alex, Jordan, Kenny, Me, Michael, Daniella, & Amelia.
 It was REALLY cool to spend all that time together with my Dad. We had such a great time visiting & laughing. It makes me SO thankful that we were able to drop all of our lives to go see him. I am so grateful that we were able to spend that time together.  

So I completely am aware that is has been FOREVER since I made a post. As most of you  know I am VERY VERY busy! My business is booming & I couldn't be more thrilled about it! I  feel super blessed to have a job right now, & better yet a job that I absolutely LOVE! I know it can get quite stressful at times but there is nothing better then making your own hours, having the freedom to come & go when I please, & to be able to make women look & feel beautiful everyday! I have had an honor working with two really good friends Chelsey & Cindel. They are both VERY talented & are such great workers. I am in the process of trying to grow my business, to take it to the next level. Hopefully in the next few months I can move into a BIGGER salon. Or even into a house. Hmmm that sounds nice! 
I am So happy to announce my NEW BLOG & NEW WEB SITE!
Check them out.. I am sure you will enjoy!
So.... anyways a lot has been going on. I will post a few photos of all the fun we have been having. 
I promise I will try to post more often.