Happy Birthday AMELIA BADILIA !!!!

Today was my Sister Amelia's Birthday! Thank goodness for Birthdays, or I wouldn't ever go to Glen Ivy Hot springs! It was SO much fun this time! I went with Amelia, my  Mom, Jilly, Jacklyn, & Ryel!!! It was definitely a Fantastic day... nothing better then spending it in the sun by the pool, and relaxing! We got messages, ate lunch, read trashy magazines,  got sun burned, enjoyed "club Mud" once again, and ate SPRINKLES CUPCAKES! We devoured them! Ryel was so kind to bring A DOZEN cupcakes  to celebrate Amelia's Birthday!  They were the right treat at the right time! 
Happy Birthday to my favorite person! Without Amelia I would be so lonely! I wouldn't have a shopping buddy or a pedicure Buddy! And what would I do with her two creations Hudson and Sloan! I love my sister, she is amazing in every way, I look up to her in so many ways, and think she is So beautiful! Thanks Amelia for always being there for me ( I know so cheesy) I love you!!! enjoy our fun photos from the day!!! 


Sharla Darla!

...........And I'm So sad.. I just found out that one of my very best friends and her husband  are moving to Idaho... I am so sad! They live so far away from us anyways we don't really get to see them that often, but when we do we have so much fun! I am going to miss you SO much Sharla!

Go Lakers!

P.s And Jeff got a hair cut.. doesn't he look handsome!!
So Friday afternoon Jeff called and said he WON 2 free tickets to the first game of the Lakers playoffs.... yes it was on Sunday, but how can you resist! It was really fun.. We sat in the In-n-out suite... free drinks and all! It was a blast!  That's probably the funnest thing we did this weekend, we were really busy with school stuff and weddings, so we splurged on our fun-ness on Sunday! 
 My Twitter: Getting ready for a quick trip to ST. george!  ha! ha! 


April 12, 1983 My Handsome Husband Man was born!!

That's what I like to call him! He's GREAT! I'm so in love with Jeffrey! I'm so happy it was his Birthday last week.... he's the BIG 25!  We had so much fun! Friday was  a beach bon fire with friends and family.. I even ordered him a cake! we didn't end up eating it till Sunday though! It was so much fun getting together with everyone! I have a few photos of the excitement! Then Saturday was his actual B-DAY.. I had to work and he had school so the day time was pretty much just busy, but I made it up to him! We went and had  a wonderful couples massage.... it was Jeff's First time getting one.. and he loved it!  he was a bit weirded out when the lady started massaging his bum!...... it was funny!  We then had dinner reservations at this AMAZING sushi restaurant  called Takami sushi... it was located in down town LA on the 21st floor! The view was so rad.. and the food was even better... we'll definitely be going there again! I was so sad.. when I pulled out my camera to cherish the memories.. and the battery totally died!  I guess you'll have to rely on your imagination on how much fun it was celebrating Jeff's 25th Birthday!