J.E.W. ( Jimmy Eat World)

Shiny Toy Guns Drummer.. he was kinda silly!
Hello hello everyone! I know I am the worst at posting regularly.. but I do have a good excuse! Well I am opening up my own studio! Yes.. I found a place.. Located in Orange.. I am renting from a very nice lady that does Clinical skin care. It is a perfect situation! We have been painting, putting up lighting, ripping up carpet, laying down base boards and staining the concrete. It is definitely a task! I thought 2 trips to Home depot was bad.. ya .. how about 6 now!  It's been crazy! I want to be up and running by today!..... Ummm! I don't think that will happen, with having a ton of clients and I am doing them all in my kitchen for now.. and with our family reunion I will be out of town for a few days!  Hopefully by next week for sure for sure for sure!!! 
I will post photos when it is all finished and send out an invitation for the opening! I'm excited!

Well.. the photos above are form last last weekend.. We went and saw Jimmy Eat world! It was super rad! I've seen them play before, & I just love everything about that band! I guess they extended the tour 2 days to come back to LA so they can go on YO GABBA GABBA! ( props to HUDD!)  We got to go back stage ( Jeff loved flaunting his pass.. haha!) and meet the band and also we saw the drummer from Shiny Toy Guns! Fun Fun! Oh and we had PINKS HOT DOGS!!! so good, and so greasy.. and such a LONG wait! All & all it was a fun night!!

I look forward to posting my Studio for you all soon.. stay tuned for updates! 



And a new hair style!! P.s. back stage where Amelia & I played.. I spy... We spotted 'The Nanny', the girl who sings.. ' Give me one reason to stay here.. & I'll turn right back around..."  And the base player from No Doubt.. (yep he still bleaches his hair too!) Oh and we scored on FREE sushi! 
P.S. The first & only Time I have ever attempted to color my own hair! with the help of Amelia, I think it turned out great! Oh and the cut by Chelsea Booth!
The handsome Husband Jeffery & I!!!

Amelia & Hudd!  
Ya our seats were Horrible!!!  If you squint your eyes you can see Chris Martin rockin out! 
We had the LOVELY opportunity to see COLDPLAY yesterday night at the FORUM! I've seen them play 3 other times before, so  when we purchased our tickets I really didn't care where the seats were, I just wanted to be there to see COLDPLAY! I didn't care until we got there & Amelia & Hudd got tickets and they were amazing seats.. I was a bit jealous.. ( I'm not gonna Lie! ) anyways it was still an amazing show! I suggest all who are virgin coldplay viewers so see them live next time you have the chance! They pretty much changed my life a couple summers ago for their X&Y tour!  Jeff & I had so much fun... we rocked out! Afterwards Hudd Hooked it up for the "After Party"  too bad COLDPLAY wasn't even there.. it was still rad to have free sushi, free drinks, free people watching, and free false advice from where a girl got her jeans from! ( I hate those kind of girl) "I got them in Europe! " Ya right! ha ha! even after the after party walking to our car we came across the set of the new movie "Angels & Demons" the sequel of Davinci Code! 

What a good night with some good tunes, and some good people!!! 



Happy fourth of July party at San Clemente beach! It was so much fun and so crowded! Everyone came and it was hot.. we had lots of food and lots of smiles. I think the firework show was the best part! I LOVE FIREWORKS! I think 4Th of July is my most favorite holiday! Its just so much fun.. nothing about it isn't 

So besides that things have been great! last weekend Jeff & I decided to take a quick trip to Vegas.. it was really fun and way Hotter than California. We laid out by the pool, relaxed, shopped, ate, and went and saw MAMA MIA!! it was such a nice break from life! Now back to the life of figuring out my life! Business is OK with me quiting  D.V. and all.. I'm not working too much in the salon anymore.. my ideal situation would to get my studio ASAP( I just haven't found the right location) where I can  do both Bridal client and Salon clients! Don't worry I'm working on it...... Hopefully in the next couple weeks I'll be able to get this prolonged part of my life going! 

I'm addicted to Grey's Anatomy!  I watch at least 2 episodes a day right before I go to bed at night! It gets so bad to the point when Jeff is excited to watch it with me! ha ha!  

Well I think thats it for  now..