I really need to get better at this! Sorry friends!

Happy 2 year anniversary my loves!

Here is a fun photo of the both of us over the holiday festivities
 ( It was a 70's ski themed party!) 
I promise I will post more often..... Sorry Sorry!

Hello everyone! It has indeed been a LONG time! Don't mind us.. we are doing great, just REALLY busy! Which is a total GOOD thing!  Jeff Finished up his semester of school and did great.. In-N-Out is still yummy! hahah! 
Business on my end is definitely picking up.. I feel SO blessed to have such GREAT CLIENTS! I love what I do.. it makes me totally happy... it just consumes my life! Weddings, clients, e-mailing.. its all so FUN fun FUN
We are SO excited to say that we made is to 2 year! Yep... today is Mine & Jeff's 2 year anniversary!  YAYY! WOWZERS! It flew by SO fast.... I LOVE being married.. and best of all I'm married to the most wonderful man of ALL.... J.E.T( Jeffrey Eugen Thompson). He's super fabulous.. and super HOT.... I'm just as in love with him.. if not more today then I was the very first time I said those words to him!  Just a little shout out to my MAN! He is so amazing.. and surprises me everyday with who the person he is.... I can't get enough of his big muscles wrapped around me... (SORRY!) 
So here's to Jeffrey's my dear.. you are the LOVE of my life.. & can't wait to grow old with you!

p.s. We leave for Europe Tomorrow.... YAYYY! We will be home on the 22nd.. so friends be prepared for some blog action!!!