Must see: JUNO!

For all who is interested! The most amazing film this season!
Probably on my top 5 list as of tonight! It's awesome! I mean more awesomer than Chitty Chitty Bang! Bang! And all who know myself.. I love that film! ha! ha! I suggest if you haven't yet.... have! It's a pretty SOLID film! enjoy as much as I did.. sitting next to Kenny & Jill.. while Jill got embarrassed.. she had nothing to hide in.. I love her!
p.s. Jeff is the cheese is my Macaroni!


Long time no see!

Hello hello! The Christmas season is here along with the Santa Ana's... I love this windy crisp cold time of year this is! Christmas season is Fabulous... the lights, the smells, the hot chocolate, and the decorations! I love decorating for this Holiday! we Got our first tree.. and what an experience it was.. Oh let's just say the tree attempted to fall off twice on our way home! ha! ha! I guess when the "tress securing on the car" guys were putting it on "secure" it was not so secure! We ended up making it home safely and decorating it beautifully! ahh! nothing like a fresh tree with the aroma of alpine surrounding the house!... I really am just being so cheesy aren't I!? Anyways... just thought I would try writing something for a change instead of just posting pictures... sometimes it's fun to look at photos but other times.. it's just so nice to sit down and write a bit of something going on in your life! Were just keeping busy... Jeff's in his finals week of this semester at Cal State Fullerton and is studying his brains out.. I'm still working on the web site.. I'll let ya'll know when it's up for sure!... I don't even know who really comes on this thing so Have fun reading my latest BLOG! That makes me giggle!