What A great Birthday week it was!

So last week on March 27th was my 23rd Birthday... It was a full week event! starting out with the BBQ  posted previously... and it just kept on going! It was fantastic! On Thursday Jeff took the day off from work to celebrate with me.  It started out having Breakfast at the Original Pancake House in Yorba Linda with me, Jeff, Amelia and My Mom. So Good! Than Jeff & I headed down to The Glen Ivy Hot springs day spa in Corona! What a relaxing day..... fun in the sun and lots of swimming, laying out and the best Club Mud! I have photos... so check this out!  We than went home to get ready for Dinner.. where we went to the best.... La Fondue in San Juan Capistrano, an Amazing Fondue restaurant, not only good for the food, but the decor is what makes it worth going to! THAN.... we went to the midnight  showing of 21 with Amy, Heather, Trevor, and Gary.....& that was fun too! As you can see it was a busy busy Birthday. But it's not over..... Saturday night Jeff & I went to LA and stayed at this Fabulous Hotel called the Custom.. very urban artsy......It was a pretty cool place to stay for the night... we had dinner at The Stinking Rose "A garlic restaurant" Where They flavor their garlic with food!  So good...  shopping at the Beverly center and just spending time together.. it was truly the BEST BIRTHDAY YET!!!  enjoy some snap shots of the events!!
oh and I got a penate( I think thats how it's spelt).... from Kristina! I loved him!!!!



I don't know why it wont let me post more than a certain amount of photos... that's a bust! well here are more.....


Birthday BBQ!

Well tonight I threw myself  a little birthday bash at Hart park in Orange! It was for sure FUN! I just wanted an excuse to get together with all of my close friends and family to eat and be MERRY!  It was filled with hot dogs, hamburgers, & cupcakes! I really enjoyed myself and I hope everyone else did too! Thanks for coming! And happy Birthday to me! Enjoy some images of a few of us!!!!


p.s. I have the cutest nephews!

I got to babysit for the Amelia &  Hud the other night..... and oh My Gosh I love Hudson &  Sloan! They are adorable.... If you don't believe me.. take a look for yourself! I know my photos don't do justice but... check out Amelia's Blog, than  you'll be sold!

Hello again!

It's been way too long since I have posted! Life has definitely been crazy busy around here! With the flu going around and being sick, to going to Utah for a week doing Dress parties with kenny, going to Northern CA, and finally returning to Orange, our home sweet home! I am now trying to catch up with my life, trying to get on a  normal schedule again. It's SO hard. All of my clients needing their hair done, and trying to tidy up around  our house, I barely have time for Jeff. It doesn't help when he's just as busy, wow this guy. Work  full time and school full time... what a trooper, I am So proud of my man! It will soon be over.. and I am so excited! Well in the mean time of this mess, we managed a day to play... lunch at BJ's, shopping at the spectrum and loving every minute of it! I have to say, Jeff is my BFF! I LOVE being with him and making memories.. so cheesy, but it is so true! I wouldn't want it any other way..... I cherish all the time I can get! here are some fun recent photos to share... enjoy!