J.E.W. ( Jimmy Eat World)

Shiny Toy Guns Drummer.. he was kinda silly!
Hello hello everyone! I know I am the worst at posting regularly.. but I do have a good excuse! Well I am opening up my own studio! Yes.. I found a place.. Located in Orange.. I am renting from a very nice lady that does Clinical skin care. It is a perfect situation! We have been painting, putting up lighting, ripping up carpet, laying down base boards and staining the concrete. It is definitely a task! I thought 2 trips to Home depot was bad.. ya .. how about 6 now!  It's been crazy! I want to be up and running by today!..... Ummm! I don't think that will happen, with having a ton of clients and I am doing them all in my kitchen for now.. and with our family reunion I will be out of town for a few days!  Hopefully by next week for sure for sure for sure!!! 
I will post photos when it is all finished and send out an invitation for the opening! I'm excited!

Well.. the photos above are form last last weekend.. We went and saw Jimmy Eat world! It was super rad! I've seen them play before, & I just love everything about that band! I guess they extended the tour 2 days to come back to LA so they can go on YO GABBA GABBA! ( props to HUDD!)  We got to go back stage ( Jeff loved flaunting his pass.. haha!) and meet the band and also we saw the drummer from Shiny Toy Guns! Fun Fun! Oh and we had PINKS HOT DOGS!!! so good, and so greasy.. and such a LONG wait! All & all it was a fun night!!

I look forward to posting my Studio for you all soon.. stay tuned for updates! 


Elise said...

So jealous! I love Jimmy Eat World! Looks like a fun time...and it's always nice to have hook-ups! Have fun camping!

jennrocket said...

looks like you guys had fun! hey you better let me know if you need ANY help with the studio!! did you decide on colors? grey/red??? ps we're still on for aug 11 right? can't wait. let's talk soon!!!

jenny & andy said...

hey you! i'm so happy you found us through the "blog world!"... looks like you and jeff are very busy and happy! i need more people like you in my life! well we are living in vista(san diego) so we don't get to see as many familiar faces as we would like, but we still go up to orange county all the time, so we should definitly keep in touch! p.s. congrats on getting your own studio!

Melissa said...

WOW GIRL!!! I am so excited for you!!! I want to see pictures ASAP of the studio that is such a great accomplishment! How many regualr clients do you have? (i wish I was one of them hehe) I am so excited to see an update and pics of the cute place...what colors did you decide on for the studio? Miss ya! xoxo